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Glamoos ™ Door Hinge Replacement

Glamoos ™ Door Hinge Replacement

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Door Hinge Replacement

Covers the original damaged back hinge area to make it look neat and beautiful. Fix the hinged stainless steel door panels together.


Just use a screwdriver or electric drill to fix the bracket in minutes.


With this advanced hinge board technology, the repair piece can be used in both door and side panels, and it also can be used to build a frame or serve different types of furniture such as tables, beds, dressers, chairs, shelves, etc.


BEAUTIFUL AND NEAT: Cover the original damaged area to make it look beautiful.


ONE THING FOR TWO: Adopting hinge board technology, both door and side panels can be used.

MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL: Fix the hinged stainless steel door panels together, and then convert the original fixed stress point into a stressed surface, to be more firm.



Item Type: Cabinet Door Hinges
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 10.5 x 9cm
Weight: 330 Grams


1 Set x Door Hinge Replacement

( 2* repair board + 1* hinge + 16* screws)

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