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Glamoos ™ Microwave Egg Boiler Cooker

Glamoos ™ Microwave Egg Boiler Cooker

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Microwave Egg Boiler Cooker

 The Microwave Egg Cooker makes healthy cooking eggs a breeze. This unique egg boiler safely prepares up to four hard or soft-boiled eggs in the microwave, giving you complete control the cooking degree of your eggs, no more guessing! 

Intimate Care

They feature the highest quality materials that are both durable and safe (made from food grade materials) and are guaranteed to never affect the taste, texture, or health of the food. 

Convenient and Safe:

Egg shape and a reasonable vent hole to prevent being burnt, knob designed to prevent falling out or exploding. Cleaning up with no fuss, no need to worry about using the stove top with pots and boiling water, no need for piercing.


The best egg cooker size is suitable for any eggs of 6" x 5". It can cook up to 4 hard or soft boiled eggs in minutes.


Make your ideal boiled eggs, which can be kept fresh, soft and nutritious through boiling, 4-6 minutes for soft to medium boiled and up to 8 minutes for hard-boiled.


  • Weight: Approx 210g.
  • Material: Food-grade PP.
  • Color: White as pictures show.


1 x Microwave Egg Boiler Cooker.
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