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Glamoos ™ Magnetic Window Cleaner

Glamoos ™ Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Magnetic Window Cleaner


  • SAFETY AND IN EFFECT:With a strong double-sided magnetic design, this magnetic window cleaner enables you to clean your window without needing to risk standing at the window, the best tools for cleaning high-rise glass.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC:The magnetic window cleaner is effective for High-rise Building Single, Double, or Three Glazed Windows 0.2"-1.4" (5-35 mm) thickness. The magnetism is strong to make sure it doesn’t fall easily.
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY:The thickness of the glass must be greater than 5 mm (due to the large magnetic force, if the glass is too thin, it is easy to break the glass or cannot move due to the tight adsorption).
  • STABLE AND SAFE: The magnetic window cleaner comes with a long-safe anti-falling rope. when you use it, the rope will be tied to your hand, never falling down. You can clean the outside by standing in the room and wiping the glass more securely.
  • MULTIPURPOSE:This magnetic window cleaner is effective for High-rise building glass cleaning, such as high-rise villa window cleaning, high-end office buildings, hotel window cleaning, school classroom glass cleaning.


Item Type: Window Cleaner
Materials: ABS, Magnetic Steel, Rubber
Color: Blue, Red, Brown
Size: 15 x 13cm


1 x Magnetic Window Cleaner


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