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Glamoos ™ Magic Led Note Board

Glamoos ™ Magic Led Note Board

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Magic Led Note Board



Ditch the Sticky Notes!

With its sleek and modern design, make a statement in any room using the Magic LED Note Board™. The board features a bright and energy-efficient display, allowing you to easily write and display notes, messages, to-do lists, and more. Use it in the home, office, or even as a unique addition to a restaurant or retail setting to keep everyone on the same page!

Multipurpose and Eye-Catching: The Magic LED Note Board™ makes it easy and efficient to communicate with others, whether you're leaving a note for yourself or a family member, or displaying important information in a public setting.

Versatile Use in Any Setting: The Magic LED Note Board™ was designed with portability and versatility in mind, allowing it to be used in a variety of settings, including the home, office, or as a design piece in your business!

Dry Erase Surface: The dry erase surface allows for endless customization and the ability to easily switch up your messages without the need for any additional materials.

3 Sleek and Modern Designs: The different handcrafted designs included grant access to any canvas needed when adding a touch of sophistication, style, and warmth to every space.

Bright and Energy-Efficient LED Display: The bright LED display ensures that your messages are easily readable and visible, while also being energy-efficient to save on energy costs.


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1 Magic LED Note Board ™
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