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Glamoos ™ Mini Bag Sealer

Glamoos ™ Mini Bag Sealer

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Mini Bag Sealer


With the latest technology, this handheld food saver is very easy to use and does not require preheating. When the cover is pressed, the high-efficiency and low-loss heating film will immediately reach the sealing temperature. Place the bag to be sealed in the middle, and then slide it along the edge of any bag at a slow and constant speed to achieve an air-tight seal. 

  • Please use two 1.5V AA Cells of any good brand for better performance.
  • Has a Magnetic Base to stick it on to Fridge that makes it handy and its size is pocket-friendly. It also consists of a Safety Guard.
  • plastic bag sealer effectively seals and blocks dust, insects, flies, etc., from entering the packet and keeps food fresh.
  • It is suitable for a most snack and food Impulse Pouch Packet Vacuum like potato chip bags, aluminum foil bags PVC bags, etc. heat sealing time depends on the thickness of the bag.


    1. Insert 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)
    2. Unlock the safety/protective cover to the down position
    3. Press the sealing machine to preheat for 5-7 seconds
    4. The surface of the bag required for flattening is sealed along the edge
    5. Place the plastic sealer on the bag and press down firmly
    6. When pressed, move moderately from one end to the other
    7. Finally, loosen the protective cover, and then move it back to the up position


      Item Type: Bag Sealer
      Material: ABS
      Color: Pink, White
      Battery: 1.5V, 2 AA Batteries (Only Alkaline Battery)
      Size: 9.7 x 3cm

      Package Includes:

      1 x Mini Bag Sealer

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