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Glamoos ™ Water Absording Mat 1

Glamoos ™ Water Absording Mat 1

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Water Absorbing Mat 1

Water Absorbing Non-Slip Floor Mat

Forget water and grease stains in your bathrooms or kitchens.



️  This moisture-wicking floor mat is soft and comfortable for your feet. It can be loosely wrapped and comfortable to store. Keep your home clean, warm, and comfortable.

✔️  Fashionable and simple colors and patterns can be combined with any decorations, perfect for modern homes.



Doesn't slip or crease:

  • Our non-slipfloor mats are made of PVC + soft velvet, which dries faster than regular mats. The strong, non-slip rubber sole ensures safety and stability.

✔️  Absorbs moisture and dries quickly:

  • Strong and fast water absorption without accumulation. This mat can quickly absorb water and grease stains. Keep the floor clean and dry your homeis clean and well

✔️  Where is it intended to be used?

  • Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, living room,

✔️ High-quality rug:

  • Protects the floor from dirt, water, and grease. Good qualityfloor mats do not break down or shrink over time, it is a long-term investment.


✔️  Easy to clean:

  • The mat is grease-resistant and absorbs water quickly. Cleans quickly and easily with a brush or sponge.


Item Type: Water Absorbing Mat

Material: PVC + Soft Velvet
Washing type: Hand Washable
Color: Blue
Size: 50 x 80cm (19.7 x 31.5in) 


1 x Water Absorbing Mat 1

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