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Glamoos ™ Window Screen Repair Tape

Glamoos ™ Window Screen Repair Tape

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Window Screen Repair Tape

 We are rolling out this magic screen repair kit to solve your problems instantly:broken window screen and tears on the chair back.

You only need to cut off a small piece of our screen repair patch instead of throwing away the whole screen.


This is designed for the screen repair performance.This kit will stay on the surface of the screen longer than any other screen repair kit.


Our kit will save a large quantity of your money on repairing door and window screen. Problems will be solved instantly.

Fix holes and tears in window screens,screen doors,tent mesh and so on for any sudden emergencies when out on the road or in the wild

The way to use this screen repair kit is very simple.Clear the area you want to cover.Cut off a piece of the tape,remove the backing release liner and just stick it on the affected area.

How to use:

1.Wipe the repair area with a dry cloth.

2.Trim clearly the hole around.

3.Cut the corresponding size and leaving an extra half-inch around the damaged area.

4.Holding the adhesive side of the patch against the tear.

5.Gently pressed the hole and screen door replacement together.




Size:Approx. 5*200cm

Package Included:

1*Screen Repair Patch 

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